Equinox Marathon

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Bib Pickup

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You have three opportunities to pick up your race number/bib . . . but we don't want you to use the last opportunity (race morning).

The two pre-race bib pickup occasions are on the Thursday and Friday prior to race day (2016:  September 15 and 16) from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. For 2016 the location for bib pickup is yet to be decided.

Runners who have entered prior to that time can pick up their bibs and race swag at that time.  It will also be possible for people who have not yet entered to enter at this time.

The final opportunity for bib pickup is race morning in the Patty Center from 6:30AM to 7:30AM.  Please do not use this bib pickup session unless you are from out-of-town and haven't been able to attend one of the earlier bib pickup sessions.  The fewer people who pick up their bibs on race day, the smoother the event will go for everyone involved -- especially for runners.

You can also enter the race on race morning, at a very high entry fee ($125/marathon, no new relay teams accepted).  Race day entries are a hassle for everyone, so we use our entry fee schedule to encourage people to enter early, and to discourage them from entering late.

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