Equinox Marathon

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Railroad Crossing Rules

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The Equinox Marathon has no control over the time that the Alaska Railroad sends trains down the track. The race may very well be temporarily halted by an Alaska Railroad train.  There are crossing guards at both railroad crossings who have bene instructed NOT to let runners cross when the train gets close.  Please follow the instructions of the crossing guards.

Rule One:

The first time the Equinox Marathon trail crosses the railroad tracks is at Mile 8 of the Equinox Marathon course.  If runners come upon a train at Mile 8 of the course, they must stop and wait for the train to pass. The race clock will continue to run, and there will be no adjustments made to your finish time for “train delay”.  After the train passes – and not before – runners will be directed to continue the race.

The ultramarathoners cross at this point two times, and the same rule is in effect both times.

Rule Two:

This rule is in effect only for the marathon (not the ultramarathon) and only at the second crossing.  Train rule number two is a bit more benevolent than train rule number one, in that this recognizes that the runner is almost 25 miles into the marathon ( 24.76 miles to be exact).

In this location, the clock will stop for any runner who is met with a train at this crossing. In this case, the runner’s stationary time will be recorded by the Race Marshall at the crossing.  The order in which runners arrive at the crossing will be noted by the Race Marshall and a finish order awarded at the train crossing.  This finish order will stand as long as the affected runners finish the race after the train passes.  The train “delay time” will be deducted from the time recorded at the finish line. 

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