Equinox Marathon

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Training Advice From the Record Holder

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This advice comes from Stan Justice, the record-holder for the Equinox Marathon.

Stan's 1984 winning time of 2:41:30 still stands as the record.  Only one person (besides Stan) has come within four-and-a-half minutes of his record - Pat Cross who won the 1983 race in 2:42:20.  Stan ran four sub-2:46's, and another 2:46:03.  Stan has not competed in the race for several years, but continues to volunteer to make the Equinox a great event by serving on the Equinox Advisory Committee and as the Race Marshall on race day.

Here's some general training advice from Stan.  It's worth reading and digesting.

The best way to prepare for the Equinox Marathon is to run and become familiar with all the sections of the trail.  This is the idea behind Steve's Training Runs.  When you are running, pay attention to the trail -- you are training your mind as well as your body. 

The leaves always dump off the trees the week before the race, obscuring the roots, dips and rocks.  It is useful to know where you can stride out and where you need to drop into technical running mode.  Run the trail enough and you will find the "best line" through rough sections.  Sometimes the best line is close to the tree that has a fan of roots out in the trail.  Being close to the tree you can clear all the roots in one step.

Efficiency is your goal.  If you run with lots of extraneous motion you will be extra tired at the finish.  Or even before you reach the finish.

Here's an example:  If there is a sharp dip in front of you, try to step across the dip.  Avoid having a foot fall in the bottom -- this avoids a tad of vertical loss and gain (that's extra work!).  The same goes for bumps in the trail, don't land on top of the bump.  Try to smooth out the trail by working with the terrain instead of fighting it.  Get smooth.  Be efficient.

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