Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Training Run #7

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This week’s training run meets at 5:30pm!  That’s 1730 hours for the military folks.

That’s 30 minutes earlier than when we have been meeting!  Don’t be late!

We’ll meet at 5:30pm at the Patty Center on Thursday, August 25.  We are shuttling/carpooling to the top of the Dome where you’ll all be running/hiking the last relay leg of the Equinox, mile 17.1 to mile 26.2!

Here’s the course description:

This 9.1 mile run is mostly downhill and will take you down the chute and through a gorgeous forest patch commonly referred to as the Alder Trail.

You’ll come out on Henderson Road at mile 19.4 where you’ll turn right.

At mile 21.5, the course turns off Henderson Road and left onto Goldhill Road for about a ½ mile before turning left onto Cloudberry Drive and then almost immediately turning right onto a powerline easement that goes on for about a mile.

After coming out to GoldHill Road, there is a slight uphill before passing the Mile 23 sign. The course runs along Goldhill Road past Mile 24 until it dead-ends into the Sheep Creek Road Extension.

The course then heads right along the Sheep Creek Road Extension briefly until you make a left turn onto the UAF trail system at around mile 25.  The course takes another turn uphill, and continues climbing for another ½ mile, before taking a few turns and heading out onto Kantishna Drive.

From here it’s a ½ mile descent along the road toward Mile 26, then onto the soccer field and a quick jaunt to the finish!

Imagine running this section of the course on race day; crossing the finish line and getting your patch (you have to finish within 10 hours to get one)! All the hard work you’ve put in these last several Thursdays counts for some very valuable mental and physical training for your big day on September 17th!

You’ll be rewarded with a lot of kudos, a lot of treats, and some Powerade at the end of this training run.

Please bring your running spirit along this evening, but leave your spirited pets behind.  No pets allowed at Running Club North events!

Questions?  Call Dee at 347-7277.

Be on the lookout for details to come on our final training run on Sunday, August 28 at 9am…

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