Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Training Run #8 - The Final One!

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To all my fellow Equinox peeps:  Here’s your last opportunity to run with the most amazing Equinox running crowd this summer!

Meet at the pullout past Ann’s Greenhouse, 780 Sheep Creek Road, located near Goldstream Sports this Sunday, August 28,  2011 at 9am!  Your choice of an 11 mile or 16 mile run, or anything in between.

11 mile option:

  • Start at Ann’s pullout.
  • Run up the Dome (but of course!)
  • Around 1.5 miles into your run, you’ll turn into the woods on the right side of Ester Dome Road.  This is well marked with two yellow posts and an Equinox sign.
  • 3 miles into your run you’ll be back on Ester Dome Road and you’ll remain on the road for about a mile until you reach the top at mile 12.5.
  • There’s a water station located here near the chute.  Please partake, and properly dispose of your cups.
  • Shoot, it’s the chute!  Down you go!
  • Take in the beautiful 2 ¼ mile trail here.  And remember to do this on race day, too!
  • At the end of the trail, turn right.  This is Henderson Road.
  • Run ¾ of a mile and then turn left on St. Patrick’s Road.
  • St. Patrick’s is a 3 mile curvy dirt stretch of a road.  Supremely fun to run on, but remember to not hog the road.  Be on the look out for traffic.
  • At the end of St. Patrick’s, you’ll hit Ester Dome Road.  You’re almost done! Turn right and head on back to the finish!

The 16 mile option is all this above, plus the out and back!  For a description of the out and back, see Equinox Training Run #4 post.

Directing you all, along with Karen (cookie baker and course marker co-director extraordinaire) has honestly been the highlight of my summer.  I’ll be looking out for many of you on race day and cheering you on!

Dee 347-7277

Karen 378-8504




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