Equinox Marathon

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Buy A Trail Sign While They Are Still Available!

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It could be a directional sign, a "landmark" sign, or a mile marker. There are lots of locations available for the Ultra, and still a few for the Marathon. New sign sponsors this year:

  • Woody & Jennie Wenstrom (ultra)
  • Heather Best/Jeff Oatley (ultra)
  • Mike & Susan Kramer (marathon)
  • Gary Holton/Wendy Camber (ultra)
  • Tracey Martinson (marathon)
  • John Estle/Norma Haubenstock (ultra)
  • Kevin Yetman
  • Denise Jerome/Jerome PT (ultra)
  • Paul Greci (Ultra)

There are several mile markers still available for the ultramarathon, and a few directional signs for the marathon, and several for the ultramarathon.  Your sponsorship of a sign supports the long-term health of the Equinox events, and makes the Equinox course unique in its communty-based nature.

Contact either of the co-directors if you are interested in sponsoring a sign.

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