Equinox Marathon

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Drop Bag Process for Ultramarathon

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Ultramarathoners will be able to leave a drop bag at the start for transportation to the Ballaine Road crossing checkpoint at miles 28.55 and 35.35.

Here's how it will work for the ultramarathoners:

  • You will receive a special drop bag when they pick up your bib
  • You will also receive a luggage tag for the bag
  • Write your bib number on your luggage tag in LARGE NUMBERS
  • Pack your drop bag with everything that you might want at the Ballaine Road crossing
  • Before the start on Saturday morning, take your loaded bag to the Ultramarathon Drop Bag dropoff point near the start/finish area on top of the Beluga Pad and leave it there
  • Your bag will be transported by the race organization to the Ballaine Road crossing
  • After all runners have passed through the Ballaine Road crossing on their return leg from the ultra out-and-back, all bags will be brought back to the finish line.
  • Any bags not picked up at the finish line will be brought to the awards ceremony
  • Any bags not picked up at the awards ceremony . . . .

So, be sure that when you pick up your bib you double-check to make sure that you have your drop bag and luggage tag.  Make sure you prepare early enough so that you have time to drop off your bag on Saturday morning.

Best of luck with the race.

The race directors

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