Equinox Marathon

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Bib Pickup at the Pump House Thursday and Friday

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Equinox Marathon, Ultramarathon and Relay bib pickup will take place at the Pump House Restaurant on Chena Pump Road on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14, from 5PM to 8PM.

Save yourself the aggravation of trying to pick up your bib number and shirt on race morning -- do it Thursday or Friday and make your life (and our lives) easier.

In all likelihood, by race morning more than 1100 people will have signed up to participate in one of the Equinox events.  You don't want to be fighting your way through that crowd on race morning when you are trying to prepare to race.  No matter how well-staffed Saturday morning bib pickup will be, it will be very, very busy.  It's not worth waiting.

There's a whole lotta stuff going on in addition to bib pickup:

  • You will also pick up your shirt and goodie bag, including water bottle
  • You can view and/or purchase a copy of the commemorative art print - and if the artist has been lucky in his hunting endeavors, he may be present to add a written comment or dedication to your print, if you would like - all sale proceeds to the Equinox Marathon organization
  • Matias Saari will be hawking his (not yet published) history of the Equinox Marathon - it will make a great Christmas present
  • Shop for Equinox Marathon clothing and merchandise
  • Eat all the spaghetti you would like for $10 (adults) or $5 (12 and under) - all proceeds to the Equinox Marathon organization
  • Check out the expo - a new feature at this year's bib pickup
  • Check on your RCN membershp status and join up if you're not current
  • Socialize with some of the other ectomorphs and social misfits who participate in such events!

A pleasant time will be had by all.

If you enter online by 5PM Wednesday, or drop your entry form and fee off at Beaver Sports by 5PM Wednesday, you will be able to pick up your bib Thursday night.  If not, you'll go into the long, slow-moving line for people who have not yet entered.  Enter now!  Don't wait!

Fees on Thursday and Friday night are $10 higher than if you enter by 5PM Wednesday.  It's $100 for the marathon and $125 for the ultrmarathon on race day.

Relay runners - remember that every member of a team has to enter the relay.  If you have not entered by 5PM Wednesday, you'll be paying $70 to enter on Thursday or Friday, and $100 to enter on Saturday morning. 

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