Equinox Marathon

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Think Twice About Your Support Crew and Strategy 2012

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That means that a whole lot more people will be on the course, and probably a whole lot more support crews out there trying to support them.

That means a HUGE MESS for traffic.  If your crew is going to try to  follow the race in a car, I think they are in for a hard time, especially at the top of Miller Hill, at the Sheep Creek RR crossing, on Ester Dome Road, and on Henderson and St. Patrick Roads.

Those roads and locations will be chock-a-block full of cars, and that meas the cars will be moving very slowly, if at all.  Crews traveling in cars will have a very difficult time getting to the locations where they "promised" they would be.

I believe the best strategy is to use a bike, and to NOT try to provide support at a high number of locations.  If you travel by bike you can move faster than a runner at almost any point on the course, so you should be able to ride your bike around, stay out of a car, and still provide support at several locations.

Remember that NO CARS are allowed above the intersection of Henderson Road and Ester Dome Road.  Remember, too, that if you plan to drive down Henderson Road in a rush, you are likely to meet someone who has made the ill-advised decision to drive UP Henderson Road against all the traffic.  That really brings things to a halt.

So, take the time to make a good support plan.  A word to the wise:  USA A BIKE, NOT A CAR.

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