Equinox Marathon

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Help Make the Equinox a Better Event

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Our entry fees are very low for marathons with comparable services - any of you who have raced in marathons Outside and paid $100-$150 for the privilege of doing so know this is true.

Believe it or not, entry fees are not sufficient for us to break even on the marathon.  We use cash sponsorships and other income streams to make ends meet.

One way you can contribute to the future (and present) of the Equinox Marathon is to help make those other income streams meaningful.

So - make sure you eat at the spaghetti feeds at the Pump House Restaurant - all proceeds go to the Equinox Marathon Fund.  $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under.

Purchase an art print commemorating the 50th running of the Equinox Marathon - all proceeds go to the Equinox Marathon Fund.  $125 for a beautiful Kes Woodward print.

Purchase a trail sign ($250).  Become a life member ($500).  Take home an Equinox Marathon sweatshirt, hat, shirt, etc.

We plow the money back into the event.  It is a great event already, thanks especially to the efforts of 15-year race director Steve Bainbridge.  We want to continue the process that Steve started and keep the event growing in quality and size.  Do your part!

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