Equinox Marathon

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Final Start/Finish Configuration for 2013

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A final decision has been reached on the configuration of the start and finish for the 2013 Equinox Events.

The race will start on the road south of the newly-seeded athletic field near the UAF Student Recreation Center.  The race will finish in the grassy area between the old Beluga Pad and the Patty Center Parking lot.

Below is a schematic graphic showing the final configuration on the routes.  Because finishing in this location adds distance (about 115 yards) at the end of the route, the distance from the 26-mile mark to the finish line will be about 500m, rather than 385m.  To make up for this, we will have to subtract 115 yards from the start, so the first mile (distance from the start to the one-mile sign) will be 1645 yards, rather than 1760 yards.

The distance between all the remaining mile markers on the trail will be one mile.  Stan Justice has relocated the mile markers on the rerouted marathon Out-and-Back section, so the mile distances on that section are now accurate.

The upper portion of the trail on the hillside below the Butrovich building that was used at the finish of last year's race disappeared this summer, so that section is now unsuitable for use.  The final stretch on the athletic field toward the Patty Center is still soft and still wet in places.  In addition, the forecast for the next few days calls for some precipitation. A relaitively small amount of moisture, in combination with several hundred runners could turn that section into a quagmire.  That's not a good way to finish a marathon or ultramarathon.  We don't want to subject the participants to that sort of cruel and unusual punishment.


2013 Equinox Finish

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