Equinox Marathon

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Out-and-Back Route 2013

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Below is a graphic showing the 2013 reroute for the Out-and-Back section.

This is the same graphic that was published on this site a few days ago.  Please familiarize yourself with the reroute.


At the top of Ester Dome the Equinox Marathon/Relay/Ultra is no longer permitted to use the trail segment that departs North from Ester Dome Road and takes runners around the backside of the antennas on the Observatory Summit.  There is no possibility of using that trail segment now or in the future.  We entertained the possibility of an alternate route behind the antennas that would have ascended the powerline swath west of the existing trail, but the width of the area that we had permission to use would not accommodate the construction of a trail that could accommodate the two-way traffic on the Out-and-Back without leaving the trail subject to erosion and making a lot of sharp turns on sidehills.  It was impractical and would not have lasted.

Therefore, we have chosen to simply remain on Ester Dome Road and eliminate the loop around the Observatory Summit and antennas, and rejoin the "old" course near the old half-marathon point.  Returning runners will retrace their steps along the same route.

This change cuts about 400m off the course (200m each way), so it is necessary to move the Turnaround down the hill somewhat from its current location.  Stan Justice has put in many, many hours of work measuring and remeasuring the course to ensure the accuracy of our mile markers and the overall distance, so you can rest assured that the Turnaround will be located in the correct spot.


Out-and-Back Route 2013

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