Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Bib Pickup To Be More Spacious And More Streamlined

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We love having the bib pickup at the Pump House.  The generosity of the Bubbell's has been a huge benefit to the Equinox Marathon over the years.

However, as the event grew under the inspired leadership of Steve Bainbridge, the number of people trying to pick up bibs, goodies, shop for clothing, look at the course map, and eat spaghetti and drink beer (or water) has grown to the point where the Pump House deck and "cook tent" have become extremely crowded.  Lines have been long, and the experience has not been convenient in recent years.  Keep in mind we know that overcrowding is the sign of a healthy, growing event.  We're not complaining, but we think this is an opportunity to make the Equinox even better.

To try to spread things out and make things flow more smoothly, we will be renting a tent from Alaska Tent and Tarp which will be erected on the "lawn" between the parking lot and the river, slightly upstream from the Pump House deck.  This tent will be the location to which you will go first, where you will look up your name, find your bib number, and pick up your bib and your goodie bag.

From the tent, you will then migrate to the Pump House deck, where you will pick up your t-shirt, be able to shop for Running Club North and Equinox Marathon gear, and pay for, or pick up a plate (if you've already paid on-line) for your spaghetti dinner.  We think having the two locations will really serve to spread things out, reduce the wait, and make things flow better.

If you are registering at this time, you will also go to the tent and register and pay there.  We hope to be able to accept credit cards at that time and location, but that is uncertain at this time.

Ed and Jackie Debevec have done the lions share of the registration paperwork recently, and we are thankful that they will continue in this role for a while longer.  Ed is also putting his web expertise to work for us -- he's putting the on-line registration page and system together.  Soon you will be able to link to the on-line registration page on this website.

The early bib pickup evening requires LOTS of volunteers to make it happen, and to make it happen WELL.  Please consider volunteering to assist us with this critical component of the Equinox events.

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