Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Training Run #2

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The second of this year's edition of Steve's Equinox Training Runs (Organized by Dee Daniels) will take place on Thursday, July 21 at 6:00PM

Training run #2 will be seven miles on the Equinox course, starting at mile 8.5 to a little past mile 5 (Musk Ox Farm) and back.

Meet at the pullout past Ann's Greenhouse, 780 Sheep Creek Road.  Ann's is located near Goldstream Sports, and near that really big steep hill you'll have to run up and down in the very near future, aka Ester Dome and The Hill.  There's not a whole lot of room for parking at the pullout, but you can also park at Goldstream Sports.  Consider car-pooling or biking.

Peanut M&Ms will be provided for refreshments!  But the real reason to participate in these runs is that they are the best way to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the big day (September 17)!

Here are the guidelines for the run:  Have fun!  Don’t trip!  Pay attention to traffic! Beware of the potentially muddy stretch between Hafele Road and Lawlor Road if it rains, and also, the gigantic piles of horse poo!  Leave your furry friends at home or in car or with a nice neighbor!

If you are not familiar with the course, here's a description:

  • Start at Ann’s Greenhouse pullout
  • Head east on gravel road parallel to Sheep Creek, facing traffic
  • Turn first left (Black Sheep)
  • Turn left at end of road
  • Turn right at Hafele Road (where the private property sign is)
  • Take a right into the woods where the No Motor Vehicles sign is
  • Hang left
  • Veer left
  • Turn right onto paved road (Lawlor)
  • Turn left on power line at the end of this road
  • Diagonally cross this 4 way intersection (Yankovich, Miller Hill, Lawlor) and go into the woods
  • Follow the Equinox trail backwards through this patch of woods. It is well-marked with green arrows and pink ribbons
  • Look around you and behind you (maybe while not in motion), and you should notice Equinox and Skarland trail signs
  • Cross Yankovich
  • Hang right
  • You’ll pass the Mile 5 Equinox sign and turn left and run the perimeter of the Musk Ox Farm until you hit the 3.5 mile turnaround that we’ve marked
  • Turn around and come back!

The trail is well-marked with flags, ribbons, and green paint.

If you have questions, Dee Daniels may know the answer.  Call her at 347-7277.

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