Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Training Run #3

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The third of this year's edition of Steve's Equinox Training Runs will take place on Thursday, July 28 at 6:00PM.  Training run #3 will be an 8 mile run on the Equinox course, starting at mile 8.5 to mile 12.5 (top of Ester Dome) and back.

Meet at the pullout past Ann’s Greenhouse, 780 Sheep Creek Road, located near Goldstream Sport, and near that obscenely large, steep land mass that you’ll be running up and down this week, and for a few weeks to follow!

Be prepared to embark on an Ester Dome adventure, and conquer them thar hills (Laurel and Hardy).  Both up and down.  You need to train on these so you don’t keel over, lose consciousness, or faint come race day.  Plus, there are the breathtaking views!  And you'll get to see everyone’s favorite Equinox landmark: the beat-up, banged-up, upside car near mile 10 that makes for a great distraction as you’re panting along.

You'll find that showing up and participating in this training workout is rewarding.  Anyone who goes up and comes back down is considered an Ester Dome Superstar.  Other rewards awaiting for you at the finish are spiked punch (Powerade) and appetizers (Red Vines).  A big shout-out to Shirley Winther and Coca-Cola for donating the Powerade!

If you're unfamiliar with the course, here's a description for you:

  • Start at Ann’s pullout.
  • Even though it looks like a more appealing run, do not turn left onto St. Patrick’s.  Continue onward and upward.
  • Around 1.5 miles into your run, you’ll turn into the woods on the right side of Ester Dome Road.  Well marked with two yellow surveying posts and an Equinox sign.
  • Around 2 miles into your run and near Mile 10, you’ll see the aforementioned car. Go straight here, not left.
  • 3 miles into your run you’ll be back on Ester Dome Road and you’ll remain on the road for about a mile until you reach the top at Mile 12.5.
  • Do a happy dance here, or at least drink some water.
  • Return back down!  Your choice if you want to remain on road or return back into the woods.

Course is well marked with green paint and orange flags!

Please leave your beloved pets at home!

If you have questions, then ask the girl with the Red Vines, that would be Dee, or call her at 347-7277.  









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