Equinox Marathon

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Equinox Training Run #4

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Steve’s Equinox Training Run #4 is the Out and Back.  Meet on Thursday, August 4 at 6pm on top of the Dome near the chute.  It's free and all are welcome to participate!

Please carpool up, or bike (if you have maniacal tendencies), as there is limited parking.  Pooches are absolutely not allowed!  Except the ones attached to your belly!

The out and back is a total of 4 ¾ miles (Mile 12 ½ to Mile 17 ¼)  out and back on Ester Dome ridge and is also commonly referred to as the turnaround.

A lot of folks say their most favorite part of the race is the camaraderie, and you’ll find it reigning supreme in this section of the race.  You get to see the people ahead of you and behind you in this passing zone, and it becomes a bit of a social affair of high-fiving, bro-nodding, and yelling encouragements to each other as you run on by.  Enjoy and embrace these out and back moments!

If you're unfamiliar with this course, here's a brief description:

  • Start on top of the Dome near the chute at approximately mile 12 ½.
  • Less than ¼ mile into the run, you’ll pop into the woods to your right.  There’s a private property sign here as you enter the woods that you may disregard.
  • Up you go and down you go.  This course is hilly and rocky and will prepare your feet for what I call trail dancing.  Get funky, get down with it!  Just don’t fall down!
  • About 1 ¾ mile in, shortly after mile 14, you’ll notice a directional sign decorated with a lovely array of bullet holes.  Pay attention to this sign and keep straight, don’t turn left.  Notice that’s your Equinox Training Run Co-director’s sign to her dad, and you’ll score an extra cupcake with extra frosting at the finish.
  • Turnaround at the turnaround! You'll see the sign.
  • Now do what you just did, but in reverse.

The course is very well-marked with signs, flags and paint!

Cupcakes!!! and other stuff served afterwards!

Call Dee at 347-7277 with any questions.


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