Equinox Marathon

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Feed Stations

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Where are the feed stations?  There are nine feed stations on the marathon course.

  • 1 - Mile 2.5 - at the intersection of Ballaine Road and Yankovich Road
  • 2 - Mile 5.5 - at the intersection of Yankovich Road, Miller Hill Road and Lawlor Road
  • 3 - Mile 9 - at the intersection of Ester Dome Road and St. Patrick Road (where the climb of Ester Dome starts)
  • 4 - Mile 11.1 - on Ester Dome Road at the north/upper end of Henderson Road
  • 5 - Mile 12.4 - at Ullrhavn Summit, where the "Out-and-Back" section begins
  • 6 - Mile 14.75 - at the Turnaround on the "Out-and-Back"
  • 7 - Mile 17.1 - at Ullrhavn Summit, just before plummeting down the Chute
  • 8 - Mile 19.8 - on Henderson Road at the pullout just below the mine; this feed station was formerly located on the pavement below the 20-mile sign, but has been moved up the hill a fraction of a mile so that it can provide service to the Ultramarathon runners as well as Marathon runners (the Ultra course turns left on St. Patrick Road just past the 20-mile mark)
  • 9 - Mile 22.8 - on the east end of the powerline segment where it joins Gold Hill Road
  • 9 - Finish - Full service support at the finish will continue through 4:00PM; reduced services are available after 6:00PM

The first eight feed stations also serve participants in the Ultramarathon.  There will be additional feed stations on the portions of the Ultramarathon after it diverges from the Marathon course just past the 20 mile mark.

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