Equinox Marathon

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From the Director

FAQ Section Added to Website

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We have added a new section to the Equinox website -- a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.  This section includes many small articles that answer questions that many people (especially first-time participants) might have.  To see the FAQs, scroll over the "Race Info" menu item in the header, then click on "Race Info FAQs" in the drop-down menu.

Prize Money for Record Breaking Performances

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The prize money schedule for record-breaking performances has been revised.  Any man breaking Stan Justice' record or woman breaking Susan Faulkner's record will earn $500 in prize money.  Only one person of each sex can win the prize (in the case where more than one person breaks the record).  A relay team that breaks the record set last year will win $300, $100 per team member.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 12:19

Shuttle Buses on Ester Dome

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In the interest of reducing traffic on the 1 1/10 mile stretch of Ester Dome Road from North Henderson Road to the top of Ester Dome, shuttle buses will be on Ester Dome Road to transport runners and spectators up and down the hill. While local residents will still be allowed to drive to the top, all relay runners and support crew members and spectators will be asked to park their cars & trucks along Ester Dome Road below the point where Ester Dome Road intersects with North Henderson Road. At this point, runners and spectators will be asked to take the bus up and down Ester Dome Road. There will be two shuttle buses on the Ester Dome Road from 8:30 until approximately 1:00, and it is expected that buses will be on a 20 to 25 minute schedule. This should allow runners and walkers to have much less traffic and exhaust fumes to deal with as they make their way to the top of Ester Dome.

Please allow extra time to accommodate this new approach to getting folks to the top of Ester Dome as we try to improve conditions for the runners and walkers on this 1.1 mile stretch of the Equinox Marathon course.


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 July 2015 14:52

Vehicles on Ester Dome

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Vehicular traffic on Ester Dome on Equinox Marathon Day is always hectic.  With the record relay field and a large field of marathoners this year, the safety of drivers and passengers, and more importantly, of runners is of paramount concern.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 July 2015 14:56

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