Equinox Marathon

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Spirit of the Equinox Award

The Spirit of the Equinox Award

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The Spirit of the Equinox Award was established in 1986 in memory of George Bloom. 

Georgie ran the Equinox Marathon 18 consecutive years and felt that it was the ultimate running event.  The award is to exemplify what Georgie stood for in the running community -- someone who was always willing to lend a hand, organize a race, offer an encouraging word, and was quick with a smile and a wave.

The award recipients are selected by a committee consisting of the members of the local running community and one person from Georgie's immediate family.  The recipients of this award are not required to have run the Equinox Marathon.  In fact, they need not even be runners.  The committee bases their selection of the recipient on these criteria:

  • Contribution to the running community
  • How inspirational the recipient is to others
  • Overall attitude and enthusiasm toward others

Read More for a list of winners of the Spirit of the Equinox Award.  Click on an award-winner's name to get a bio of that person.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 September 2013 17:53

Spirit of the Equinox 2013 - Gary Pohl

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Probably the most surprised person at the Equinox Awards this year was the winner, Gary Pohl. But that's how Gary is, very humble and unassuming.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 September 2013 17:57

2012 Spirit of the Equinox - Monte Jordon

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A long-time runner and resident of Fairbanks, Monte has volunteered countless hours for the running community. To hear a few of the many contributions Monte has made to running in Fairbanks, click on 'More'.

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 October 2012 19:21

2011 Spirit of the Equinox - Glenn Hackney

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Glenn Hackney thumbnailThe winner of this year's Spirit of the Equinox Award is Glenn Hackney.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 September 2011 22:38

Tracey Martinson is awarded the 2010 Spirit of the Equinox

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As the Spirit of the Equinox is awarded each year there is always some anticipation as to who the recipient might be. The presenter tries to mislead all who are listening by making vague references such as 'he' and in the next sentence 'she', At some point though the history of the recipient becomes obvious as is the case with Tracey Martinson.

Although those involved in the running club community within Fairbanks are acutely aware of how much she has provided, most running participants only see the results of her involvement. Tracey is a dedicated and tireless force for Running Club North. To list just a few: She has been president of Running Club North for the past two years (no small feat for a volunteer position), has been a board member of RCN for close to ten years, started the Equinox Kids Marathon, originated and directs the Kid's Cross Country Races during the summer, directed the Fahrenheit Be Darned Winter Training Runs throughout the winter, is a member of the Midnight Sun Run Board of Directors, and has been an integral part of RCN's involvement officiating the Region 6 High School track meets and State Championship Track Meet.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 17:26

2009 Winner of the 'Spirit of the Equinox'

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JIM LOFTUS - 2009  Winner of the 'Spirit of the Equinox'

This years winner of the Spirit of the Equinox, Jim Lofts, was somewhat surprised as he was invited to the Equinox awards under the pretext of presenting an award, not receiving one. Jim has been a figure in the running communtiy for many years but not known as a distance runner. In fact, for Jim, a 'long' run is 5K. He has never run the Equinox but the Spirit of the Equinox is not an award for just having run the event, it's for someone who has contributed to the sport and community. Jim has certainly done that. He as been instrumental in starting and maintaining track meets within the community. He started and continues to organize the 'All Comers' track meets, is Running Club North's liasion to Region 6 Track and Field for high scholl track, and has competed nationally and internationally in Master's competition.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 17:30

2008 Spirit of the Equinox Winner - Bob Hildebrandt

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Bob Hildebrandt was the winner in 2008. To those who know Bob, his selection as the winner of this years Spirit of the Equinox, should not have been a surprise. His many contributions over his years as a runner made him an obvious winner. He has supported the running community and Running Club North as a race director, board member, storage of RCN equipment, registration site and bib pickup for numerous races, and avid participant in most races not only locally but around the U.S and world.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 17:30
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