You may or may not know that when you reach the first summit on Ester Dome, “Ullrhavn Summit,” the land on either side of the road is private property.

You may have seen signs saying “Property of Alaska Ski Corporation” along the road near the summit. As the signs say, that land is private land owned by the Alaska Ski Corporation, which used to operate a small ski area on the north side of the hill back in days past.

The upper 1/3 of the Chute is located on Alaska Ski Corporation property, as is a segment of the Out-and-Back between Ullrhavn Summit and the Observatory Summit, where the trail leaves Ester Dome Road to the north and heads for the Nugget Mine Road.

If you are running on these sections, please be aware that this is private property, and treat the property with respect. Our ability to continue to utilize these trail segments, including the legendary Chute, depends upon the willingness of the property owners to let us use the land. And that depends upon maintaining good relations with the owners.

So, if you are up on Ester Dome, and you run into one of the owners of the private property, please recognize their ownership of the land you cross while training, AND please thank them for helping to make the Equinox such a great community event.

Race Co-Directors, Susan Kramer and John Estle