Three buses will be running all Saturday to move runners between the start and finish at UAF Patty Center, Relay Exchange 1 at Ann’s Greenhouse (the relay exchange is at Goldstream Sports, a short distance across Sheep Creek Road), the upper end of Henderson Road on Ester Dome, and Relay Exchange 2 on Ester Dome.
Two buses will run a loop from the UAF Patty Center (near the entrance to the building) to Ann’s Greenhouse to the upper end of Henderson Road and back at approximately 30 minute intervals, beginning at 8:15AM and continuing through 3:00PM.  Leg 2 runners will have seating
One bus will run back and forth between the upper end of Henderson Road and Relay Exchange 2, continuing until 3PM.
Keep in mind that cars belonging to anyone other than residents of the Ester Dome summit cannot drive above the upper end of Henderson Road.  Leg 2 and leg 3 runners need to plan on using the shuttle bus service to get to and from relay exchange 2.  From the upper end of Henderson Road it is more than 1.5 miles to relay exchange 2 – at least a 25-30 minute walk.  PLAN AHEAD!
Leg 3 runners should bring plenty of warm clothes to wear between the time they are dropped off on top of Ester Dome and the time that they start their relay leg.
Spectators and race crews may board a shuttle bus, BUT ONLY AFTER all relay runners needing a ride from that pickup point have been seated on the bus.
Bus service is provided by Big State Wildfire, LLC.