Congratulations to all who finished either the full Equinox Marathon or the inaugural Half Marathon last weekend! There were a lot of photographers out on the course, and some have offered to share their photos:

  • Paris Photographics – prints and downloads available for purchase.
  • Mark Conde – Mark writes: I have reviewed about 2/3 of the shots I took, and posted an initial batch of shots to the gallery. I will be adding the rest over the next few days. The photos can be freely downloaded at around 6 mega-pixel resolution. If anyone doesn’t want their photo in the gallery, I’m more than happy to remove it. They can just email me at with a link to the photo in question, and I’ll remove it.

If you have a publicly accessible online collection from this year and would like to share them, please email Don Kiely at I’ll add them to this post, so check back for more.

Thanks to the photographers for sharing!