Equinox 2024 Changes and Updates

In 2024, the Equinox runs will be held on September 21. They will include the 61st running of the Equinox Marathon and, returning for the first time since 2019, the Equinox Relay. There will not be a Half marathon.

We appreciate that many non-Marathoners may be disappointed that there will be no Half. The RCN Board assures all that this was a difficult choice. Interest in the Relay and the Half seems split about equally among potential non-Marathoners. However, the Relay had been a part of the Equinox runs for a number of years until COVID precautions mandated it be not run starting in 2020. With COVID now largely managed, the RCN Board chose to bring back the Relay in 2024 because it felt it important that the Relay be run in the post-COVID environment.

That said, if you are very interested in the half-marathon distance, note that there are at least four other half-marathon distance races in the area to choose from. Two are official half marathons—the Santa Claus Half Marathon and the HooDoo Half Marathon. Two others are half marathon distance races—the Two Way Torture Test and the Musk Ox Trail Run.

We trust you understand the decision of the RCN Board to reinstate the Relay in 2024. If you have comments or questions, please email eqmanagement@runningclubnorth.org. RCN looks forward to welcoming you to the Equinox runs on September 21.