Equinox Marathon - Fairbanks, Alaska

Saturday, September 18, 2021

58th Annual Equinox Marathon
1st Equinox Half Marathon


Important 2021 Equinox Marathon Updates!

The Equinox Marathon is on and open for registration, but there are some important updates to be aware of. Please see the 2021 Equinox Marathon Updates post for all the details. In particular, there will be no Relay this year. 

Welcome to the Equinox Marathon and Relay site! The Equinox Marathon is the premier running event in Interior Alaska. With most of the course on trails and a challenging climb up and over Ester Dome—and up and over it again!—it is a challenging marathon that will test your running abilities. But don’t worry if it seems too overwhelming! Our generous 10 hour time cutoff is great for walkers who can keep a steady pace, and you can do just a third of the course by joining a relay team.

As the name suggests, the race takes place near the Equinox, in this case the autumnal equinox in the latter part of September. This is the time when we near the end of our beautiful, green Fairbanks summers, as the leaves turn yellow and orange and trees begin to lose their leaves. But is (usually) before winter’s snows begin to fall. The entire community comes out to run, volunteer, and spectate in this big end of summer party.

We’re steeped in history and lore, and hope that you’ll join us!

Birch Forest - image by Nurit Katz