Kids Marathon

Equinox Kids Marathon logoWe’re sorry, but there will be no Equinox Kids Marathon in 2023. See you next year!

Held in conjunction with the Equinox Marathon, the Equinox Kid’s Marathon allows you (a kid in grade K through 6) to run a marathon–one mile at a time. The goal is for you to improve your fitness and have lots of fun at the same time.

On race day you will receive some toe tokens to commemorate your miles. We will give you a toe token for every 5 miles that you have completed. We have included a suggested schedule for completing your miles. The last 1.2 miles of your marathon will be completed on September 16th, the day of the Equinox Marathon.

Have an adult help you find a route that is 0.5-1 mile long, and is safe for you to run/walk. High school tracks are excellent places to run (4 laps = 1 mile), or find a route in your neighborhood. Get your friends to join you. Get your mom and dad to join you. Fitness is for everybody!

You may pick up your bib number at the Equinox bib pickup. See the Equinox Schedule page for times and locations during the week before the Equinox Marathon.

The Kid’s Marathon will start at 9:00 a.m. at UAF Patty Center. Volunteers will be on hand to ensure a safe event, and your parents and older siblings are welcome to run with you. There will be no times recorded as this is a non-competitive event—everyone who participates is a winner. At the finish line, you can pick up your special Finisher’s goodie bag and be proud of your accomplishment!

Download and print the Equinox Kids Marathon Mileage Tracking form.

The goal of the Kid’s Marathon is to help you incorporate fitness into your daily routine. The program begins with two weeks of 0.5 mile per day, and allows for two “rest” days per week. You can run and/or walk your miles. Remember to stretch after your runs, drink plenty of water every day, and get plenty of sleep. Questions? Email