Spirit of the Equinox

The Spirit of the Equinox Award was established in 1986 in memory of George Bloom.

Georgie ran the Equinox Marathon 18 consecutive years and felt that it was the ultimate running event. The award is to exemplify what Georgie stood for in the running community–someone who was always willing to lend a hand, organize a race, offer an encouraging word, and was quick with a smile and a wave.

The award recipients are selected by a committee consisting of the members of the local running community and one person from Georgie’s immediate family. The recipients of this award are not required to have run the Equinox Marathon. In fact, they need not even be runners. The committee bases their selection of the recipient on these criteria:

  • Contribution to the running community
  • How inspirational the recipient is to others
  • Overall attitude and enthusiasm toward others

Below is a list of winners of the Spirit of the Equinox Award. Click on an award-winner’s name to get a bio of that person. (We are gradually adding bios for the winners in earlier years. If you know or knew the person well, particularly their involvement with running and RCN, please contact us!)


1986Bob Murphy and Stan Justice
1987Mike Faverty
1988Dorothy Sue Barclay
1989Jack Townshend
1990Corky Hebard
1991Joy and David Bloom
1992Allen Doyle
1993Debbie Ganley
1994Dan Callahan
1995Bobbi Fyten and Guy Williams
1996Pat Kling
1997Ron Johnson and Colleen Porter
1998Jane Parrish
1999Bob and Sharon Baker
2000Steve Bainbridge
2001Jane Lanford
2002Dave & JoEllen Cowee
2003Kevin Brinegar
2004Bob Eley
2005John Estle
2006Woody Wenstrom
2007Keith Pollock
2008Bob Hildebrandt
2009Jim Loftus
2010Tracey Martinson
2011Glenn Hackney
2012Monte Jordon
2013Gary Pohl
2014Bob Vitale
2015George Berry
2016Ed Debevec
2017Matias Saari