Ed Debevec – Spirit of the Equinox 2016

The winner of the Spirit of the Equinox Award for 2016 is Ed Debevec. Following is the presentation, written by Keith Pollock and delivered by Gary Pohl.

We always try to word it so there’s a little mystery and lead up to actually naming the person. It’s hard though since the people who know this person will pick up on the clues rather quickly. Having said that, we’ll do the best we can.

This person…has been in the Fairbanks running community for quite a while. In fact, they were out running local events for a year or two before I even met them. I started hearing this name and couldn’t figure out who it was. Kind of a stealth runner. Very low key. A very relaxed and graceful running style.

They have run the Equinox for many years, both the marathon and relay.

Just throwing this out as a hint, as Bad Bob would say, they have nice hair.

As time went by this person became involved in helping with a couple of projects for Running Club North. Never high profile. Always behind the scenes. But those who have worked with this person realize how much they have helped make the Fairbanks running community and events the quality club it is. Even though those in the running community who do not know this person, they have seen the results of this person’s efforts over many years.

One of the things that I personally admire about this person is that, you just don’t see him get mad. It’s actually kind of frustrating at times. You want to see him get upset. But it won’t happen.

Here are a few comments from this person’s spouse….

“For about 10+ years, I knew it was the day of the Equinox when they put on their dark green sweatpants and old gray sweatshirt with ragged edges on one sleeve (they loved that shirt!). Then Jane showed them the light… the clothes she was selling could actually help them run faster by keeping them warm and the material would breathe…. no more cotton. Now the day-to-day wardrobe is primarily running shirts from various races or RCN with shorts/tights to go with them!”

For those of you who know this person, it should be obvious by now.

  • They took the original web site developed by Dave Cowee and brought it into the 21st century.
  • They have worked behind the scenes to make the registration process for the Equinox run much more efficiently, putting in many long hours.
  • They were the co-director of the Farenheit-be-Darned runs and Spruce Tree Classic.
  • They have been involved in officiating and timing Region 6 high school track meets for many years.
  • They have volunteered at many other races.
  • This person and spouse undertook a special project for the Equinox while they did their 26.2 miles today.
  • They helped re-invent the way the RCN events calendar will be done, online, starting with the 2017 calendar.

A few more comments by this person’s spouse…

“Every day he wakes up and checks his email account to see if he needs to respond back to anyone about the RCN website, Marathon registration problems, Fahrenheit be darned runs, etc. and he will connect with you all evenings and weekends…. so you are his 2nd family!”

“He loves to talk to people about the marathon including the route whether it is in Alaska or in lower 48.”

“Even though this person is frustrated with his body not cooperating over the years with feet problems, ankle problems, calf problems, back problems…. he continues to help out for RCN and Equinox Marathon and stays positive.”

When I asked for a little ‘dirt’ on this person to make it interesting, the response I got was it’s “Hard to think of dirt when thinking of this person, he is squeaky clean!”

There have been at least a few folks who thought Keith Pollock and this person were brothers. Guess it’s the graying, long, hair. But Kieth thinks he’s the better looking one. 🙂

The Spirit of the Equinox for 2016 goes to Ed Debevec!