Glenn Hackney – Spirit of the Equinox 2011

The winner of this year’s Spirit of the Equinox Award is Glenn Hackney.

Glenn Hackney photo

Here is the introduction of Glenn by Andy Holland from this year’s Equinox Awards Ceremony:

The 2011 Spirit of the Equinox Award goes to – “this person.” “This person” is known for their brevity, so this will be short and sweet.

  • “This person” has been in Fairbanks since 1962 and completed the Equinox Marathon in 1971 or thereabouts.
  • Since then, “this person” has participated in many, many running events.
  • “This person” has a nearly fanatical optimism and positive attitude, whose usual response to “How are you?” is “Never better.”
  • This condition evidently did not result from a lightning strike or anything so dramatic, rather, everyone that I spoke to about “this person” told me “this person” has been like that since time immemorial.
  • “This person’s” son said that one of the earliest and most frequently repeated lessons that this person taught and modeled was that “Our example, whether good or not so good, influences those around us, even when we think no one is watching.”
  • Running Club North is proud to award this year’s Spirit of the Equinox to “this person”, who personifies wonderfully all of the selection criteria.
  • “This person” is… I’m going to let Jim Brader finish this with a jingle he composed, since “this person” is known for coming up with catchy jingles.

From Jim Brader:

He now runs races and says “Follow me.”
He used to run races and say “Back me.”
This year’s Spirit of the Equinox winner is
The highly inspirational to all, Glenn Hackney!

For more information on Glenn, his insight and contribution to running go to the interview at Equinox Interviews.