Jim Loftus – Spirit of the Equinox 2009

This years winner of this year’s Spirit of the Equinox award, Jim Lofts, was somewhat surprised as he was invited to the Equinox awards under the pretext of presenting an award, not receiving one. Jim has been a figure in the running community for many years but not known as a distance runner. In fact, for Jim, a ‘long’ run is 5K. He has never run the Equinox but the Spirit of the Equinox is not an award for just having run the event, it’s for someone who has contributed to the sport and community. Jim has certainly done that. He as been instrumental in starting and maintaining track meets within the community. He started and continues to organize the ‘All Comers’ track meets, is Running Club North’s liaison to Region 6 Track and Field for high school track, and has competed nationally and internationally in Master’s competition.