Tracey Martinson – Spirit of the Equinox 2010

As the Spirit of the Equinox is awarded each year there is always some anticipation as to who the recipient might be. The presenter tries to mislead all who are listening by making vague references such as ‘he’ and in the next sentence ‘she’. At some point though the history of the recipient becomes obvious as is the case with Tracey Martinson.

Although those involved in the running club community within Fairbanks are acutely aware of how much she has provided, most running participants only see the results of her involvement. Tracey is a dedicated and tireless force for Running Club North. To list just a few: She:

  • has been president of Running Club North for the past two years (no small feat for a volunteer position)
  • has been a board member of RCN for close to ten years
  • started the Equinox Kids Marathon
  • originated and directs the Kid’s Cross Country Races during the summer
  • directed the Fahrenheit Be Darned Winter Training Runs throughout the winter
  • is a member of the Midnight Sun Run Board of Directors
  • has been an integral part of RCN’s involvement officiating the Region 6 High School track meets and State Championship Track Meet.