Pacing Tables

Below are links to some pacing tables for Equinox Marathon times between 2:45 and 5 hours created by John Estle, the long-time coach for a women’s running group. These tables are based upon the course as it was prior to the 2012 changes (i.e. the 9-mile change, etc.), so they won’t be perfect for every mile.  We will work on updating these pace tables, but for now, you will have to make your own modifications.

These tables are not perfect.  If you are stronger on uphills, you’ll need to adjust the pace for the uphill miles downward; if you’re faster on downhills, you’ll need to make adjustments on the downhill miles.  However, if you use these tables more for informational purposes than for planning purposes, you should find them to be a useful tool in planning your pacing strategy.

2:45 pace 2:50 pace 2:55 pace 3:00 pace
3:05 pace 3:10 pace 3:15 pace 3:20 pace
3:25 pace 3:30 pace 3:35 pace 3:40 pace
3:45 pace 3:50 pace 3:55 pace 4:00 pace
4:05 pace 4:10 pace 4:15 pace 4:20 pace
4:25 pace 4:30 pace 4:35 pace 4:40 pace
4:45 pace 4:50 pace 4:55 pace 5:00 pace


Calculate Your Projected Equinox Time

Wondering how to predict your time in the Equinox Marathon? Bruce Sackinger provided this link to a marathon time calculator tuned to the Equinox. Past champion Matias Saari believes this is reasonably close for those running times in the 4-hour range or higher. Click here to go to the calculator.