Steve’s Equinox Training Runs

Steve’s Equinox Training Runs are a series of runs on Thursday evenings starting in early July. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll explore every inch of the Equinox Marathon course in various ways, with the support of both marathon veterans and other newbies. You’ll find the complete schedule on Running Club North’s calendar page. There is no cost and no need to pre-register. Just show up!

Here is the weekly schedule with maps (which you can use to train on your own as well). Each weekly course may vary a little from what’s shown on the maps; the training run coordinators like to shake things up a little! But these maps represent the actual marathon course, with only minor variations.

  • Week 1: Loop thru Equinox start to Mile 5 to T-field. Start at the Patty Center at UAF. (Map coming soon.)
  • Week 2: Equinox Trail Mile 8.5 – 4.5 – 8.5. Start at the turnout at Anne’s Greenhouse on Sheep Creek Road, near Goldstream Sports.
  • Week 3: Equinox Trail Mile 8.5 – 12.5 – 8.5. Start at the Anne’s Greenhouse turnout. The first time up Ester Dome!
  • Week 4: Equinox “out and back”. Start at Ullrhavn, about two miles up from the intersection of Ester Dome Road and Henderson.
  • Week 5: Equinox Trail Mile 17 – 21.5 – 17. Start at Ullrhavn.
  • Week 6: Equinox Trail Mile 17 to St. Pats and up Ester Dome. Start at Ullrhavn.
  • Week 7: Equinox Trail Mile 17 to 26.2 Finish. Meet at the UAF Patty Center for a shuttle to Ullrhavn. This is a one-way run from the top of Ester Dome to the finish at UAF.
  • Week 8: This is the “long one.” Meet at the Anne’s Greenhouse turnout.

If you show up every week, you’ll be well familiar with the course so that you know exactly what the challenges will be come race day!

Thanks to Don Kiely for the creating and maintaining these maps.