First Hill image - Image by Nurit KatzRace Info

Here you’ll find all the details you need to know about running the Equinox Marathon and Relay.

  • Course: maps and a course description, as well as a mile-marker map to help you get oriented to the course
  • Schedule: from the start of registration through the post-race awards banquet
  • Relay Shuttles: find out how to get relay team runners where they need to be on the course
  • Strategy: some tips and suggestions for nailing your run
  • Rules: some of the unique rules that make this unique race work
  • FAQs: to make sure all of your questions are answered
  • Visitors: if you’re coming from out of town, get information about where to stay

In 2018, we added an official Hiker class, so you can register as either a Hiker or a Marathoner. The minimum time to qualify as a hiker is 7 hours. If you are faster than that, you will be put into the marathon results. Either way, the cut-off time is still 10 hours to receive a patch and be in the results. The cost for hikers is the same as a marathoner (see the Entry Fees page for registration costs).

Start Time

All Equinox events (marathon and relay) begin at 8:00AM, with a single mass start.

Finish Line Cutoff Time

The finish line for the Equinox events closes down at 6:00PM, 10 hours after the race start. Every person or relay team that finishes by 6:00PM will receive a finish time. Those who finish after 6:00PM will not be timed or receive any of the finish recognition items that those who finish before 6:00PM receive. We understand that it is a major achievement for some people to finish in any amount of time. However, the Equinox events have a policy of enforcing a firm cutoff time. If you don’t think that you can finish the marathon by 6:00PM, then you should consider entering the relay.

Equinox Banquet

As the Equinox Marathon and Relay finish line closes, the doors for the Equinox Awards Banquet open in the adjacent UAF Student Rec Center. This is a chance for all Equinox participants to gather and tell tales about the accomplishments of the day (most true, some not) and to celebrate the Equinox community spirit. There will be food and drink, awards, some speeches, and sometimes even some prizes.

For Equinox participants, your ticket, covering you and one guest, is on your bib. You can buy additional tickets at the door for $15.00.