Mile Marker Map

Along the Equinox Marathon course, there are about 100 permanent mile markers and directional signs to help you navigate the trails and roads and count up the miles to your successful finish. This map shows the location of all those signs along with pictures of the signs and their surroundings. So if you want to take a virtual course tour, you can use this map along with the written course description to get familiar with the twists and turns along the way and see a bit of the terrain you will encounter. If you’ve run the Equinox before, but were too focused on your feet and didn’t read all the signs, you can view them here at your leisure while recounting your past accomplishments. Most of the signs are sponsored by people from the running community and appear like an old friend cheering you on as you pass. We have some information under the Support menu about sponsoring a sign. Please let us know if you’re interested.
 Click a mile marker or directional sign to view images taken at that location. Then click an image to zoom in.