Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Voting

Friday, November 30th is the last day to vote on-line for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. There are three categories for voting:

  • People: Vote for up to five candidates
  • Moments: Vote for up to three
  • Events: Vote for up to three

Voting is an experience looking at the many great candidates from all around the state and going from present time back many years. There are many worthy choices, many from Fairbanks and the interior. To vote, go to the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame site.

And consider voting for Stan Justice, the decades-long holder of the men’s Equionox Marathon record!

Equinox Photos

As usual, there were some great photographers out on the Equinox course on Saturday. Here is a list of those who have shared their collection photos publicly and let us know about them. If you have any questions or want any of the photos, please contact the photographer directly.

  • Mark Lindberg: I just posted a sample of the 600 or so photos I took of the Equinox Marathon to my InstaGram (@mslindbergsportspics) and smug mug site. Please feel free to share these links with the participants if you like. I will be editing and posting more photos over the next couple of weeks.
  • Todd Paris: Former UAF photographer, posted his photos on his smug mug site.

We’ll update this post as we hear of more. Please email us at with your links.

Important: Course Change!

There is a slight change of course for tomorrow. It was shuffled last night and will be very well marked, so don’t fret!

It is basically the old Equinox course…

The change is around mile 21.5. It will basically now go: Henderson Rd -> Gold Hill -> Cloudberry -> then back to the power line.